gnothi seauton

Know Thyself

Gnothi Seauton (Greek): Know thyself. A precept inscribed in gold letters over the portico of the temple at Delphi (Temple of Apollo). Its authorship has been ascribed to Pythagoras, to several of the wise men of Greece, and to Phemonoe, a mythical Greek poetess. According to Juvenal, this precept descended from heaven.

About... Melissa!

Dwight Raatz
Melissa Raatz, MSW, LGSW, CHt
Certified Healing Practitioner

Melissa has over 25 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. I have worked in a variety of settings with clients from residential, school social work, school based outpatient and private practice. She has experience treating depression, anxiety, parent relationship problems, reactions to trauma / life stressors, and social / behavioral difficulties, adoption, and abuse. She also works with adult clients who desire to understand their emotional experiences and want to improve their quality of life and relationships. It's important to Melissa to provide her services in a safe and accepting environment.

She hopes to be a resource to make positive changes for families as a therapist and healing practitioner. She is passionate about utilizing her skills with Reiki and Conscious Connected Breathwork to enhance her therapy work. She also uses angel cards to bring additional guidance.


About... Dwight!

Dwight Raatz
Dwight J. Raatz
Jikiden Reiki (Shoden) Practitioner,
Certified Breathwork Practitioner,
Light Worker

Dwight has spent almost three decades in the business and technology fields creating solutions for a multitude of clients.  Throughout his career he has always been astounded at the ease at which he could connect with people on a very personal, intimate and spiritual level.  People have always been drawn to him as someone they could trust only after knowing him a short time.  Dwight was drawn to the holistic alternative healing realm after finding that he could utilize his talents of connecting with people on a whole new level.  He is works with clients throughout the area as a practitioner of Conscious Connected Breathing, Intuitive Interactive Healing, Jikiden Reiki and Reconnective Healing.

Frequent Session Results:

  • Happier
  • Relaxing
  • Better Focus
  • Improved Confidence
  • Pain Cessation
  • Physical Realignment
  • System Detoxification
  • Improved Holistic Information Flow

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Dwight & Melissa Raatz
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