The less I know about the particular disease, diagnosis, ailment or complaint that brings you to me, the more objective I remain to allow whatever healing is intended by the Universe (God, Source) to occur, uninfluenced by my own particular desires for your healing.

I’m not at all discounting your suffering and pain, nor do I lack empathy for your life’s journey. It’s simply that the less I know about the details, the clearer I can be for your healing experience.

What will happen is outside the realm of my influence, though I do play a part. Healing takes place between you and Universal Love. I am neither responsible for your healing, nor can I claim credit for it.

Please come to this work with as open a heart and as quiet a mind as possible.


When you come for an in-person session, I’ll ask you to lie down on a comfortable massage table, close your eyes and “let go and drift.” If you can, rest in a state of gentle expectancy and just allow whatever is about to happen. It’s not necessary or recommended that you meditate, pray, engage in ritual protection, or attach to any specific outcome; simply pay attention to what you're experiencing.

You might experience some healing "registers" or indicators that the energy is engaged. These can include rapid eye movement, body twitching, breathing changes and heightened sensory awareness. Some people simply feel a deep sense of relaxation. Just let the sensations flow and notice.

  • Clothing: Wear what’s comfortable and appropriate for the season. If possible, avoid shirts that are tight around your neck (t-shirts are good). You’ll be resting face up with your shoes off on a padded massage table.

  • Scents: Please avoid using perfume or scented soap, hair and skin care products before your session. Some people experience olfactory sensations during a session and these shouldn’t be confused with whatever scented product you may normally use.

  • Jewelry: If it’s comfortable for you to wear jewelry while lying down, by all means do so.

  • Time: Reconnective Healing sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes, and one to three sessions (and no more) are recommended before having The Reconnection. Plan to be here for an hour.


Some of the benefits of a healing session are: Happier, Relaxing, Better Focus, Improved Confidence, Physical Realignment, Improve Holistic Information Flow. Oftentimes people have commented on how clear they feel. When they say "clear", they mean that the world around them is opened up wider, brighter and more easily seen and understood. Their minds are not so jumbled with thoughts and worry. When I had my first Reconnective Healing session, I had the feeling a oneness with the world around me. It was quite wonderful!

It is important to know that a healing session may result in physical changes being done within your body. Just like when you have a deep-tissue massage which loosens muscles and releases toxins, you must make sure to drink plenty of water after a session and to take care of your body with good holistic food (not processed or fast-food). By drinking water, your system will be able to flush out the toxins and make you function much better.

When there is a long established "holding pattern" in the body and something happens to disrupt it (like a Reconnective Healing session), the body can go into a period of chaos. This is called the "chaos of healing", a period of disorientation that the body goes into as it releases something and works to fall into better balance and well being. Pain, nausea or disorientation often accompanies this breaking up of a long established holding pattern. The discomfort can be in a usual chronic area of pain or in a totally new place. It's like peeling away the layers of an onion. It will all settle out eventually with a better, more well balanced system. It's all good and nothing to be feared. The body intelligence knows what it needs. We must just "trust" that body intelligence and know that all is well. Any continuing pain is just a sign that more work could be advantageous. Be comfortable with the evolution of the healing.

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