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What is a "Good Fit"

Improving Life Flow Using

Methodical and Dynamic Process of Discovery

I'm a good fit for you if you see these aspects in yourself.

  • You feel that you've always been on the fringe of life.

  • You seem to see and feel more than others.

  • You know things but not sure how or why.

  • You want to know more about the unspoken aspects of being human.

  • You want success in your life but not at the cost of losing the depth of who you really are.

  • You want to stay healthy while achieving financial success. 

  • You are starting a new career or business and want someone to mentor you. 

  • Feel you are gaining self awareness and want to grow in that respect.

  • You have been and continue to be on a seeker's path toward enlightenment and contentment.

  • You feel a bit stuck as to what to do next.

  • Looking for a safe person (partner, guide, advisor) to help you grow

  • You consider yourself open-minded and willing to consider new perspectives.

  • Sustainability and Wellness are important for you and the planet.

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