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Image by Karlis Reimanis

Your Human Design

The answers you are seeking may be hidden

in the design you were given at birth!

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Options for Discovering Your Design and Your Truth

  • Human Design Review Report:  This is really the first step, especially if you are new to your journey of self discovery. Getting a baseline of the imprint you received at the very moment you were born can shed a lot of light on your life and why thing seem to be pulling you in specific directions. ​We can get started with just few bits of information and you will be on your way. Once you have the report, it's best to really spend time with this information on your own. Watch the videos, read the articles and journal your thoughts. Then, when you are ready, you can book time with me to walk through it together.  -> Book <-

  • Human Design DIY:  If you like to dive into knowing your Human Design on your own, I have created an affiliate relationship with a service where you can start diving into the specifics on your own. Don't worry. I will always be here to assist you if needed. This is a good way to do this on your own.  -> Book <-

  • Human Design Affiliate:  Now that you have spent time with your report, you might want to know even more about your specific Human Design. I just know the basics of Human Design, and for some this might be all you want to know. But if you're really excited to dive deeper, I have partnered with a professional Human Design practitioner who can take you even further!  The cool part is that the partnership with me gives you a discount on any service you decide to book with them.  -> Book <-

  • A Deeper Dive:  If you've been a seeker for some time now and you feel like you still have some things you need to clarify about your purpose or perhaps have a roadblock keeping you from understanding your self more fully, you are likely ready to go even deeper. The next step is to look at your connection to the Eternal Source and to truly Know Thyself. If you are ready to really see the hidden truths through the B.S. you've been dealing with for years, this is the step you'll need to take.   -> Book <-

I believe that the only way anyone can truly Know Thyself
is to take responsibility for understanding it themselves.
 - Dwight J. Raatz

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