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Experiencing the Veil in Between

Increasingly over the past few months I’ve been experiencing something quite new to my slumber. In the moments between sleep and awake, whether it be at night or in the morning, I have been slowly connecting with another aspect to “my reality”.

Most recently (as of this morning) I had awakened at about 4am to find myself hot under the covers, but cold where I wasn’t covered. It was a weird place to be and didn’t afford me comfort in order to fall back to sleep. So, I decided to get up and check out my Facebook account. After finding nothing too interesting, I became a bit more sleepy so I decided to lay down on the couch for awhile. In doing so, I relaxed and drifted off a bit with my eyes shut, but not completely asleep. I knew that I was not asleep and where I was at, but at the same time I wasn’t awake either (and I knew that too). I began to “experience” other people and beings in the room with me. I knew that they also could see that I was sleeping, but not fully asleep and aware of them too – but not completely. It was a weird place to be, but it fascinated me. I have been hearing about those who can consciously direct their dream state, but this was different – I wasn’t dreaming either. As for the “beings” in the room with me. They were all very familiar, but I honestly could only identify one or two of them. I was not alarmed in any way and felt very comfortable.

As I was laying there, occasionally “they” would interact with me in some way. Maybe they would talk with me, or stand close or whatever and that interaction would become such an intense moment that I would awaken. I would open my eyes to see who was there, but nothing was in the room. So, I would close my eyes again and the same thing would happen, yet with a different being. This happened two or three times until the last time where, in addition to the beings in the room, I also could hear a buzzing sound in the near distance. It was not high pitched tone like a fly buzzing but rather a lower reverberating town that I could hear moving about the room – to and fro. This buzzing reverberation got closer and closer until at one point the sound came right by my ear and was very loud! It was so loud, it woke me again only to look around to see where the sound was coming from – but alas, nothing to be seen. I can’t describe fully what was making the sound, but I did see glimpses of a shiny silver grey body that had a tail and the wings where a shiny silver blue translucent color. I did not see the face or full body, but it seemed like a miniature human “type” body.

Some of my past experiences I’ve had while going to sleep at night have included feeling pressure on my legs – pushing down into the mattress; feeling a soft covering feeling like a big blanket had been tossed up and over the whole bed, falling softly over everything with the air rushing out from under it; moving my leg suddenly then feeling multiple small feet stumbling and running off my leg onto the bed, etc. These experience have never frightened me, but rather intrigued me and made me feel cared for, watched over.

I look forward to my next in-between time. I’m going to even try to stay there longer if I can.

Dwight Raatz

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