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Deep Dive into Your Truth

Are you ready to implement messages from beyond so you can finally get past the people, the ideas, and the situations that keep you stuck from living your truth?

Answers to Your Specifically Designed Truth are offered to support your personal growth and provide you with the truth you need to know now to continue on your true path... your destiny... your purpose.


Truth actually exists. If you are on a path of self-inquiry and would like to hear the truth of your purpose in this world, ask your questions. Answers provide an ability to know yourself on a deeper level.


Answers are not suited for individuals who are trying to hide from who they are and choose to avoid facing what holds them back from living their truth.


If you are ready to get rid of narratives that don't serve you... if you are wanting confirmation that you are moving forward in your own best interest... if you are looking for resolution from past issues... or if you are simply open to hear what you can improve in your current predicament.... Answers are for you.


Answers, which come directly from the Collective*, are provided in written format, with impressions, for the questioner to read, re-read, reflect upon, and implement on their quest for personal truth. The Collective* are only here to help you evolve, grow, and to Know Thyself at an even deeper level. The answers they provide are Truth and only come from a place of love.


Prepare your questions. The more specific the question, the more refined the answer. General or undefined or leading questions usually result in the longest, most perplexing answers.

* The Collective is comprised of absolutely all spirited-selves beyond the grave – sometimes they answer all together, sometimes a specific spirited-self provides the answer; no exclusions apply as to which spirited-self can bring forth the truth, even the ones you may not want to hear from.



  1. Decide the date/time you want to book a 90 minute to 2 hour session to review the answer(s).
    This should be at least a week out after you submit the question(s) to us.

  2. Book the Deep Dive session on the date you decided (step #1) and pay for the service. See booking link below.

  3. Start to consider the question(s) you want to ask. Spend time writing it out to get a sense of it.

  4. Schedule an initial 30 minute zoom consult call (included in the cost of the Deep Dive) for assistance in writing and submitting your question(s). See link below.

  5. We will submit the question(s) to the Collective. Answers generally take 24 to 48 hours to be returned to us.

  6. When the answer(s) are returned from the Collective, we will forward this to you on the day of our Deep Dive appointment (via a secure email) along with our own impressions of the message(s). The answers will be in a PDF document format for your review and printing.

  7. Attend Deep Dive appointment (made in step #1 above). This will be where we read the answers together and assist you in unpacking the answers. This is a critical step as the answers contain multiple layers of meaning that is important to be guided and to help you.


  • One Question:  $175

  • Three Questions: $300

Prices Include:​

  1. 30 minute Zoom consult (see #4 above)

  2. 90+ minute Zoom coaching session (#7 - time varies depending on need).

  3. Secure email communication for your privacy.

  4. Downloadable PDF document including initial question(s)
    and answers from Collective.


If you have any initial questions on how this works, feel free to send me a secure email by clicking the below button. There is no cost to this and can be used to clarify the above service and process.

Follow Up Coaching / Impressions

If you have follow up questions on the Collective's answer(s) given to you, message me and I will give you a 20% discount code off from my normal rate for booking follow up sessions.

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