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Being Willing to Fall

Just before I crossed these rocks to Ellingson Island, I was anxious about what might happen if I fall. So I took off my socks and shoes and stepped slowly across the sharp rocks in the water. The journey was slow and painful and I felt very unbalanced.

I was relieved to finally make it across and I spent some time on the other side taking in Split Rock and Lake Superior. It was a beautiful day, but in the back of my mind, I knew I'd have to endure the crossing again. Once again I was faced with the anxiety to cross back.

Suddenly I heard a voice say, "Do it quickly and enjoy the experience!"

It's then that I decided it was all about momentum and that I needed to just go for it and see what happens. So what if my shoes got a little wet?!

I did it in a flash with little water touching my feet. I had fun and I was excited! I learned that I would rather enjoy my life and take some chances on failure instead of experiencing the anxiety of what ifs and subjecting myself to the sharp rocks of indecision.

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