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Author | Konsilisto

Author - I have had a blog for more than a decade which contains dozens of essays, musings, and poetry. I also have several books in several genres that I'm developing for publication. I will be offering these books for sale on my site and some of them will be developed into online courses. Stay tuned for more on that as it develops.

Konsilisto - This term or title come from the language Esperanto and its primary translation to English is: Adviser or Consultant. The English synonyms for this include: Counselor, Mentor, Guide, Consultant, Confidante, Aide, Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Tutor, Guru, Main man, Adviser, Lecturer,  Instructor, Companion, Courtier, Minister.


I chose this title after extensive consideration of who I am and what I have to offer.  It encapsulates lifetimes of experience as well as innate gifts that I have to connect with others on a deep level. 

I have accumulated a lifetime of experiences spanning personal mindfulness practices to the black and white world of business processes and technology. I have a highly intuitive ability to see and hear the truth of what a person is looking for, even if the person doesn't really know themselves. These skills allow me to help guide you to find your own solutions using a methodical and dynamic process of discovery. 

Making changes in your life does not follow a singular path and requires a holistic approach. My own experiences with health challenges, mindfulness practices and the corporate world have given me a unique perspective to relate to you on multiple levels.


If you are on a seeker's path, feeling stuck as to what your next steps are, and you are ready to commit to making a change in your life, contact me for a free initial consultation.

Skills and Experience 

  • Coaching clients committed to making significant changes in their lives

  • Extensive training and experience in mindfulness practices leading to a healthier life

  • Certified practitioner of Conscious Connected Breathwork, Jikiden Reiki and Reconnective Healing

  • Small businesses consulting using 30+ years experience with business processes and technology

  • Creator of the "Business of Healing" guide to assist with alternative healing business startups

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