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My mission is: 

To work with individuals seeking change in their lives, 

Helping them attune to who they really are, 

And find the path to align with the life they desire.

The truth is, I've spent the better part of 30 years doing the best I could at a career that just happened to me.

There was really no plan.


I was following the socially acceptable plan of going to college and getting a degree in a field that seemed okay. And, this was supposed to lead to happiness and bliss and everything would fall in place. But, life happened.


I got married, had kids, bought the house and cars and and all the stuff that I thought would bring happiness and contentment.  But it didn't.  I mean sure, I was okay and I was adequate at my career and people liked me, so what's to complain about anyway?

The truth is, I really wasn't happy.  I was living a version of life that had me as the main character in a story that was about someone else.  I woke up each morning and dutifully put on my character's mask and got to work early, had my head down, didn't step out of line, said, "Yes sir, right away sir.", and never ever allowed myself to really understand who I really was or what I really wanted for my life.

Until one fateful day at the end of February of 2022, the Universe conspiring with my body decided  to take charge and completely shut me down. All systems went off-line and I was reset to my factory settings of focusing on the basics of staying alive. So I did.  That's all I could do.

Over the next two months of being on a medical leave from my job, I was forced to take a hard look at who I was.  Who I really am.  The Universe pushed pause on Dwight's life and said, "Okay, enough of this shit.  You've done your time and giving and doing for everyone else.  Now it's your time.  Now it's time to step back onto your path.  Your path needs you, not only because it's yours, but also because there are countless numbers of people out there that have been waiting for you and need you in order to fulfill their own purpose in this life."

With the support of my friends and family, I struck out to re-member who I really am and what are the true passions I have that bring me joy?  I went back to my writing and training around mindfulness and healing and spent quality time to look deep inside me. I knew that if I did this, I could never go back to who I was. That character died at the end of February, never to return.

The truth is, I was scared about what was happening to me. But I also knew, deep inside me, that it was going to be okay.  Everything is going to fall into place, and I felt at peace for the first time in my life.

So, I began to write and heal and pray. What I found was a new path that appeared out of nowhere that felt like home to me. It was new, but also familiar and it called to me.

Here I am.  Thriving into a new life that is officially Dwight and I love it. I love so many things about this new life that I began writing them down and here is what I found.

I love ...

  • Connecting with people on a very deep level.

  • To hear their soul talking with mine and being present with them on their journey.

  • Listening to someone's challenges, goals and desires, and seeing pathways to helping them get there

  • Working with individuals who are committed to changing their lives

  • Creating new processes in alignment with the necessary level of complexity

  • To work with people who are: positive, collaborative, compassionate, seekers, and growth oriented

  • To help those working in fields related to wellness or having a positive impact on the planet.

  • Using various modalities and methods to help someone with their challenges

  • To deep-dive into solving a problem and then making it simple to implement

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