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Hello Universe!

I’ve been told by several intuitive and psychic individuals that I need to write.  About what, they don’t actually tell me this part clearly (go figure), but here I go.

My ego tells me that I need to be organized and tell a “story” and be in some kind of chronological order, but honestly, I don’t have a specific story to tell.  I don’t have fond memories of my childhood that I can expand on in great detail to give you a well thought out and historical perspective of me.  It’s not that I don’t want to write something like this, I just don’t have the clear memories to pull something like this off.  Perhaps as some point when I’ve written enough, the parts will all reveal themselves and a “story” will appear.

So for now, I just write.  Some of it will be current and some will be from previous stuff I’ve written.  Some of it is profound, some is just ramblings of a confused individual (I’ll be sure to tell you which is which ;).

Now on to something completely different (well for me anyway).

Dwight Raatz

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