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The Addiction Factor

There seems to be many addictions a person can have like drugs, sex, work, Hello Kitty, etc. What it is that drives us to have an addiction, that state of being that something so simple can occupy our thoughts and cause us great distraction?  How can we engineer our lives to match up that same addiction factor with what really fulfills us?  For example, I have a desire to play a guitar.  But I’ve been very successful at procrastinating on learning this very thing.  How can I take my desire and apply an addiction factor to it?  Is this “factor” learned?  Is it biological?  Where does it come from?  I think if I can crack the code to the addiction factor and apply it to any of my desires, there is nothing I couldn’t achieve.

I think that fear is the main source of our procrastination in achieving our desires, but also the main source of our addictions.  It seems those addictions we have, maintain such power over us that we will almost stop at nothing to achieve them.  Fear is the one power in our lives that rules so many people; that drives us to do many things we really don’t want to do at all.  How can we “flip” fear to work for us?  How can we trick it to take its immense power and apply it to achieve our personal, life fulfilling desires?

I think the key to mastering our fear and ultimately to achieving our desires is to truly Know Thyself.  What I mean by this is to understand that the true You is not your thoughts or your mind, but rather something much more powerful.  The true You is Limitless and can achieve all that you desire.  You have just forgotten who You really are.   To take the power of fear and flip it to your favor you must step outside of the self or the mind and see them as tools.  Your mind is a great orchestrator, organizer and very effective at achieving results.  So, when you have a goal of playing a guitar and you find yourself coming up with all kinds of reasons not to learn it, Stop and step outside of these thoughts and see them as false.  See that this is the ego “protecting” you by convincing you that you shouldn’t even try because it will be too hard or that you will be embarrassed if someone heard you play.  The True You can take control and say to your mind, “shut up!”, this is my decision to make not yours.  The power here is that You are taking control of this decision and you see your ego’s thoughts as a distraction.  This power position, once it’s fully realized, can be a source of great pleasure and passion for more.  Once you see how effective you can naturally be at achieving all your desires by directing your thoughts and mind, you will want more until you have firmly created an addiction to being You!

I am not my self nor my mind I am much more powerful I have the wisdom of the ages I am limitless in potential I need only choose and act I am awakening to this truth

Dwight Raatz

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