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The More

Years ago I was talking with a friend about this feeling that we get sometimes when we see something awe-inspiring like music, theatre, paintings, sculpture, amazing building architecture, a sunset on the Dakota plains, a slow beautiful rain or when we have this moment of peace that we feel when all is flowing and life is effortless. It’s a moment that is timeless and we really couldn’t put words to what was happening. We talked about how to give this feeling a description and we came up with the phrase, “The More”. The More is a feeling that you might be able to create (if you’re focused and dedicated), but ultimately it is something that we stumbled upon now and then. It is like an unexpected treat that honors us in that we’ve noticed it.

The More is that place of All Possibilities, a place of Pure Potential and Creation being shown to you, but you may not see it unless you are aware and paying attention. The More is really Nothing at its core it’s fluid and can change in an instant. It does not require thought, but only the act of allowing, of feeling it and seeing it out of the unfocused part of your vision. If you think about it too much or try to look at it directly, it will lose its essence and disappear. The More is All, but Nothing as well.

Imagine for a moment you received a present in a large brightly wrapped box with ribbons and bows. Not knowing what is in the box is exciting – it is “The More”, because it could be anything, it is the potential of your imagination. Once you unwrap the present and it takes its form, it has lost its potential and become a single known object.

The More is here for everyone – and experiencing it is to experience perfection. Do not seek The More, but rather be ready for it to show itself to you. You need only pay attention and allow.

Dwight Raatz

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