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The Truth of the Heart

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

How do we finally know the truth? 

Do we make ourselves blind so we don’t see the color of our skin? We could still hear and know the dialect, the language. We would still judge.  

Do we also make ourselves deaf? We could still taste, touch and smell and categories would be established to separate us.

Do we remove all the senses and become living vegetables with only our minds to interact within ourselves? Our own thoughts would betray us, leave us utterly trapped in our minds with no way to connect.

Do we stop living, abandon our corporeal self and free the spirit, the very essence of who we are?

Is that what it will take to know that you and I are really the same?

It will happen eventually and you will know the truth regardless.

But why wait?!

Why not know the truth of how we are but reflections of each other in the shards of life.

The truth is here and now:

  1. In seeing the beauty of our skin,

  2. The rhythm of our voices,

  3. The tender kiss as we taste our lovers,

  4. The touch of our hands as we walk together,

  5. The sweet smell of our bodies as we are together in work and sex.

These all satisfy my senses, but it is my heart that knows you.  My heart knows the truth. We are the same.

~ Dwight Raatz, Originally written on July 19, 2013

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