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A Change of Perspective: Your Assignment

Take a break from what you think is your reality.

Just for a few minutes I want you to come along with me on a journey of release and imagination. To do this, I need you to go outside somewhere and find a comfortable place to sit or stand. It’s best if you are in Nature somewhere, but this is not a requirement. Please take your time to find a place where you will not be interrupted but you can most certainly be with others around you.

For this to work, I need you to suspend some of your knowledge of the world around you. I need you to forget that wind exists. Yes, that’s right. Just for a bit, pretend that you don’t know what wind is or what effect it can have on things around you. Got it?

Next I want you to start looking at things around you. Look at the trees. Look at the leaves on the ground. Look at the flags on the poles. Look at the clouds in the sky. Do you see how they are moving? Now, I want you to shift your perspective a bit and forget that wind is moving them.

What if the trees are moving on their own, stretching, waving, alive! What if the clouds are on an adventure moving across the sky and taking in the scenes of the Earth below them? What if the flag is waving because it’s excited to represent the hope and dreams of a country? What if the leaves are racing around, playing, finding mischief in getting stuck to your window, in your hair or your car’s grill? Notice how the world is alive around you and notice how you have been oblivious to these wonders.

Indeed, we all spend way too much time in our heads or stuck to a portable screen to notice the life around us. Take a break now and then to notice how much life is all around you. Notice that by doing this, you become more connected to it, you may even appreciate life more and feel joy in being part of it.

Let me know how you did with your assignment. What did you experience? How did you see life around you differently? What can you add to this assignment that might help others?

American Beauty – Plastic Bag Scene I cried when I watched this scene in the movie.  The boy speaking in this video is how I feel things at a very deep level.  This is really who I am.

Watch this video with your SOUND OFF. Imagine the tree is moving on its own.


Dwight Raatz edited: 12/20/2022

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