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Becoming Completely Unraveled

Building the Butterfly ~ I am not who I once was I am primordial ooze forming I am all potential with intention I am growing and defining I am beauty beyond belief I am building the butterfly I emerge                                   – Dwight Raatz

I pulled the string that was wound around my life and began the unraveling of a lifetime of myths, fears, expectations and perceptions.  At times, I watch the spinning and wanted to reach out and pluck peaces out to hold them fast as to not change them, but that isn’t possible.  I’m finding that in order for me to create myself anew, I must completely unravel down to Nothing.  And this process has not been simple or in any way easy.

In the beginning, it was religion that was a main focus for me to reveal my own thoughts and truths about what I felt about what was going on in church and what it all meant to me.  But I have come to an understanding about my spiritual path and view of religion, so this no longer concerns me.  What I aspire to now is the intricacies of my relationships with others and with full acceptance of myself.

As I become closer and closer to the core of my true self, I find that I am less and less concerned about all of worries I’ve held and created in my life that have never served me.  My mind is less bogged down with churning in and through all of the “situations” in life and it is free to be creative, to write, to experience people and places with a new and healthy perspective.  I’m slowing down the pace and seeing what’s truly there and truly important to spend my time responding to.

If you find that life is just not going the way you’ve planned or thought it should be, then let it unravel and see what is really being presented to you that you’ve probably been missing.  Look upon life as a new gift and an adventure each day and you may be surprised at the peace and love you will find.

Dwight Raatz

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