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Farming Life

My journey continues

The path is not trodden and the ones who follow are trusting but afraid

I plant the seeds of a new consciousness – – it requires love, patience and nourishment to grow

I can see that I am not alone with my purpose I require others and as they require me

The energy of the universe seeks full knowing It is relentless at this pursuit

As free will affects the outcome of purpose continual learning and adjustments are made

~ Dwight Raatz, 11/21/2008 

Above is something I wrote almost two years ago.  It is at the beginning of a log document I used to track my progress with an intuitive guide I worked with.  Most of my writing that has been anything worth reading has been a stream of consciousness.  An idea forms, words flow and are thoughtless.  Not sure this could be considered a poem as I don’t remember the “rules” from my high school English classes. ~ Dwight Raatz

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