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Healing Isn’t Always Pleasant

I’ve been practicing a healing modality called Reconnective Healing (RH) for several months now and more recently received training in Jikiden Reiki.  My thoughts around healing have always tended to connect with pleasant things like feeling better, less or no pain, joy, peace, etc.  What I’m finding however is that sometimes healing means that things will actually feel worse before they can get better.  If you broke a bone and didn’t set it properly, it would not heal right and you would forever have consequences or issues with it.  So to make it right, the doctor would have to break and reset it (doesn’t sound pretty, but it is the truth).

In the RH sessions I’ve been having with clients I know that many times sessions can produce some profound physical changes.  The healing frequencies are guided by Divine intention to get at the source of the issue and “reset” the body in order for it to heal properly.  I’ve even had clients have sharp pains in places that they haven’t felt pain before and this is what has been referred to as “the chaos of healing” or that the body needs to change it’s structure in order for it to properly heal (just like resetting the broken bone) and release the blocked energy or toxins.

The body is a great equalizer for us and it’s job is to do whatever it has to in order for you to feel better.  Oftentimes this means that it will store the toxins and stress of the mind and body in various places in the body.  These “stress points” can sometimes be felt as a sore neck, tight shoulders,etc but sometimes they are not felt at all or you become numb or desensitized to the pain until something disrupts it.

As you can imagine as a healer, I was becoming quite concerned with having my clients walk away from a healing session and feel worse or maybe even sick over the next few days.  I struggled with this as I am not about causing discomfort, but rather to release and remove it.  I pondered this and sought out help and clarification until it was realized that the healing was in fact actually working and that I needed to open my awareness to the process that needed to happen in order for it to completely work.  I also became aware that I needed to do more with my clients than just Reconnective Healing.  It was important to help then transition through the healing by coaching them to be aware of the possible changes they might feel.  I also encouraged them to drink plenty of water in order to have the toxins released by RH to flow out of the body.  I learned that I need to  help them ground after the session in order to help realign their system.  In some cases I have been using Reiki after the RH session to ground them and to help their body to process through the pain or discomfort.  This was the ticket!!!

Then, much to my surprise, I started to get feedback from clients that during the RH sessions they are being shown emotional trauma issues that they have long since buried into their psyche and somewhat forgotten.  One client told me that it took all she had not to tell me to stop the session.  I have been impressed with RH since the beginning, but this was a whole new level of healing.  I realized that as humans we tend to take our emotional life traumas and push them down and try to “get rid of them”.  I have even gone through counseling where I have talked and talked about the issues of my past and I think that I’ve “dealt with it” enough that it is resolved and move forward.  But all the talking and recognizing of the issue for what it is, really didn’t resolve it.  Now clients were telling the exact same thing about past issues that were coming through and I knew that this was the Divine’s way of telling them that they aren’t resolved and that these issues are at the source of many of their emotional and physical problems.  This isn’t fun or pleasant at all, but in order to really be healed, it must be accepted as part of you and you need to love and forgive that part of you not push it away and try to forget it.

Now with a better understanding of the true nature of healing, I am even better prepared to bring this light to everyone I encounter.  It gives me a perspective on my responsibility as a healer to look at the person’s holistic picture instead of focusing on a specific aspect.  I am also more aware of my current limits on being able to help and knowing when I need to refer them to others that are trained in the next steps of the healing process.  I am not a healing island and knowing this has given me a sense of peace in knowing my place in the grand scheme of the holistic healing realm.

Healing isn’t always pleasant, but it is the right path to take.  Have courage to take the necessary steps to fully heal yourself, even if you have to face unpleasant steps along the way.


Dwight Raatz

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