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The Origins of Jeremy Wicked

The pen name was given to me by my spirit guides. I can give you the full story in person (see summary below), but suffice to say that they were very persistent in me taking this name. I haven’t fully realized the significance of the name, but it is a sort of testament to the personal hell that I’ve endured in my life and needing to tell this story and what I’ve learned. Because of my experiences and perspective I am destine to help others on the topics of anxiety and depression and my blog is a starting point. I have a friend who is an author and she gave me high praise on the name as well as how it almost forces the reader to “pay attention” to what I’m writing.

I often receive messages from Spirit via music songs and lyrics (especially when I am just waking in the morning). The song by Pearl Jam called “Jeremy” is what led me to my pen name. This song literally played over and over in my mind for days on end until I did some research on it and then I understood what I needed to do. And when I took the name, the song immediately stopped playing in my head. It’s a based on a true story about a boy (Jeremy Wade Delle) who had anxiety and depression which resulted in him self-destructing. It’s a sad story which has a lot of similarities with my own young adult and adult struggles with depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. But the point is not about giving up or self destructing, but rather my triumph over the sadness and depression and the reminder of what I’ve been through and how I am stronger. Jeremy Wicked keeps me humble in what I’ve accomplished – never to forget that no matter what I achieve, it all came about by the struggles that I’ve overcome. I hope that I can help others with these same struggles to see how their experiences are shaping their lives and to give them a perspective that they are not alone. I understand.

Dwight Raatz

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